31. Concrete Endures: “Our work will endure (past our lifetimes),” — Lance Boyer, Trademark Concrete. “Structures like the Roman Coliseum or the Pantheon (below) wouldn’t be around to appreciate today had they been built of another material,” — Chris Plue, Webcor
32. Concrete Toppings: Overlays have improved dramatically. Unbonded concrete over asphalt for pavements and parking lots is showing great success. ASCC is about to publish a new guide for design and construction of overlays. “Polymer-modified toppings continue to evolve, allowing for less removal and replacement of concrete,” — Byron Klemaske, T.B. Penick
33. Portland Limestone Cement: Adding this basically inert material reduces cement consumption while having little effect on strength or workability.
34. Maturity Methods: Despite some reservations (see article on page 55), maturity methods increase safety by allowing accurate knowledge of in-place strength for earlier post-tensioning, formwork/shoring removal, and return to service.
35. Concrete Countertops and Furniture: Lots of creative uses for concrete, even concrete jewelry, a concrete watch, and, of course, concrete canoes
36. Innovation: "Concrete is tried and true but there is still mcuh room for innovation (self-healing concrete, pollution-resistant concrete, 'smart' concrete, lightweight concrete, etc.)," - Shelby Mitchell
37. Concrete People: “Not only do people in our industry care about concrete, many of them are passionate about it,” says Jay Shilstone. “Concrete people are willing to help and bring along even the smallest contractor,” says Rocky Geans. “Size doesn’t matter, we help each other!”

38. Concrete Industry Management Program: In the 20 years since the first two students were enrolled, the CIM Program has grown into a vital source of well-trained, highly motivated graduates ready to take on leadership roles in the concrete industry. More than 1000 students have completed the four-year B.S. program, which combines technical courses with business management. The program has expanded from Middle Tennessee State University to California State-Chico, Texas State University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In 2013, an MBA in the CIM program was added at MTSU. What makes the CIM program unique is the strong support of the concrete industry, from industry associations and corporations to the World of Concrete auction which has generated $4 million for the program over the last 10 years.

39. ASTM C94, Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete: The standard specification that governs the production and delivery of concrete has recently dropped the maximum of 300 truck drum revolutions requirement that got many loads rejected. The committee also suggests that producers and contractors confer when compressive strength results don’t meet the spec and has allowed water addition in transit for trucks equipped with automated systems like Verifi.
40. ACI 562 Repair Code: The new repair code is performance-based, and with release of the “Guide to the Code Requirements,” repair contractors know exactly who’s responsible for what. Very soon, the International Concrete Repair Institute will release a structural concrete repair technician certification that will be referenced in ACI 562—a surface repair technician certification is available now.