The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) joins a coalition of organizations today to urge Congress to move ahead quickly on desperately needed reauthorization of surface transportation legislation.

America's infrastructure is crumbling and proper investment can help improve American quality of life, boost U.S. competitiveness and reduce our nation's high unemployment rate, AEM said today in Washington, DC.

"AEM applauds the introduction of this framework to move forward on reauthorizing the federal surface transportation programs. If Congress can make a long term commitment to investing in infrastructure, contractors will be able to make needed investment in capital equipment that will meet the short term need to put people back to work and meet the long term need to repair and update US infrastructure," noted AEM President Dennis Slater.

AEM is working on Capitol Hill directly and through industry coalitions to support innovative funding solutions to fund the federal transportation programs. The association is an active member of the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) and supports its efforts to coordinate a campaign for improved infrastructure with business, labor, transportation organizations and concerned citizens.

"An efficient and safe transportation network benefits all of us, and we urge swift action by the Committee and the House to consider this vital legislation," Slater added.