Each year in the July issue, we profile 20 concrete contractors from across North America (2013/2014) that are doing great work to provide you with some insight into how others have become successful. Urata & Sons Cement started in 1974 with $100 and a pickup and went on to become a $44 million company in 2013. Hyde Concrete was founded in 2005 by former U.S. naval officer Greg Hyde Hryniewicz who had no concrete experience but has now won 17 national awards for his decorative concrete work. If you’d like this sort of recognition, send me an e-mail and tell me why your company should be profiled.

Strategic Thinking

The concrete and masonry industry’s Strategic Development Council was formed 18 years ago to promote the adoption of new technology and to address the challenges the industry faces. This is an exciting group, with top-level representation from many of the industry’s leading associations, manufacturers, contractors, and designers. At the most recent SDC meeting in February, two important topics of conversation were a new test method for determining the effectiveness of repair materials and the potential for wood construction to break into some markets traditionally dominated by concrete and masonry, such as five- to six-story mixed residential/commercial buildings. For more information on SDC, go to www.concretesdc.org.

Video Gallery

YouTube has become huge due to the popularity of streaming video on the Internet. While much of what’s on YouTube may be frivolous, you can’t say that about the video you get from Concrete Construction. At World of Concrete 2015 we recorded many hours of video, from interviews with industry experts to live-action footage of the events. For example, following the Quality in Concrete Slabs Luncheon, we talked with the speakers to get some interesting insights into cracks and the use of fiber reinforcement. Check out our video gallery.