Despite rumors to the contrary, Artistry in Decorative Concrete will return to the World of Concrete (WOC) in 2013 bigger and better than ever. You will once again have the chance to see some of the most innovative decorative concrete work being done today. But one thing we’ve noticed over the past few years is the incredible work being done in some of the booths in the Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavilion. So we are going to recognize all the work being done in the Silver Lot with an awards program and also provide you as an attendee with a printed guide to the whole thing. More details are coming soon, but plan to attend the best decorative show in the concrete industry.

Concrete Repair

Speaking of WOC 2013, we are still finalizing the programs that will be conducted at the show and would love to have your thoughts. In particular, we are planning a luncheon on concrete repair, since there’s so much more repair work being done today as a percentage of the total concrete market. What controversial or innovative issues in the repair business would make a good luncheon topic? Send me a note and if we use your suggestion, I’ll buy your lunch.

Tilt-Up Super

For the past 10 years or so, CC has sponsored the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s (TCA) Annual Convention. TCA is run by the very capable team of Ed Sauter and Jim Baty (they also manage the Concrete Foundations Association). Associations in general have had a hard time over the past 4 years, but you can probably imagine the difficulties in those two construction sectors. Nonetheless, they have survived and are on the way back. In October, one highlight of the TCA convention will be a new field supervisor track. Certified tilt-up supervisors (certified jointly by ACI and TCA) need to renew their credentials every 5 years, either by testing or with continuing education credits. This series of sessions alone will provide enough credits to allow skipping the written exam.