The American Society of Concrete Contractors is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of those who build with concrete, and to providing them a unified voice in the construction industry. Members include concrete contracting firms, manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in the concrete industry such as architects, specifiers and distributors.

Chris Plue, Webcor Concrete, San Francisco, CA, has been elected first vice-president of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), St. Louis, MO for 2015-2016. Anthony DeCarlo, Cincinnati, OH; Chris Forster, Tustin, CA; and Mario Garza, Southville, MI, were re-elected vice-presidents and Keith Wayne, Kannapolis, NC, was re-elected as treasurer. Nick Adams, Cleveland, OH, was elected as a director and Heston Hamilton, Spanish Fork, UT; Ray Merlo, Milford, MI; David Somero, New Ipswich, NH; and Jason Swagert, Apex, NC, were re-elected as directors.

The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC), a specialty council of the ASCC, elected Neil Roach, Creative Construction by Design, Danville, IL, as council director of the DCC Advisory Board for 2016-17. Chris Sullivan, Littleton, CO, was elected secretary. Michael Campbell, Oxnard, CA; Greg Hryniewicz, Annapolis, MD; Byron Klemaske II, San Diego, CA; and Denise Valdepena, Shawnee, KS, were re-elected as directors. Rich Cofoid, Odessa, FL, and Rick Lobdell, Nashville, TN, are newly elected directors.

The ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council (SRMC) re-elected Scott Greenhaus, STRUCTURAL, Columbia, MD, as council director of the SRMC Advisory Board for 2016. Scott Winkler, Hamilton, OH was re-elected secretary. Aron Csont, Southfield, MI; Jamie Czuba, Clayton, NC; Lacey Jansma, Grand Rapids, MI; Jason Sisk, Davidson, NC and Matt Stier, Erlanger, KY, were elected as new directors and Bill Bramschreiber, Glendora, CA, and Mike Schneider, Monroe, OH, were re-elected as directors.

Myron Hillock, Gwinn, MI, was elected council director of the Manufacturers’ Advisory Council Board for 2016. Jeremy Clark, Chicago, IL, was elected council-director elect and Michael Schaeffer, Little Ferry, NJ, was elected secretary. Jeff Snyder, York, PA, was re-elected as a director; Jim Becker, Hampshire, IL and Jeff Johnson, Paragould, AR were elected as directors.

American Society of Concrete Contractors.

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