, an online community and forum for trade professionals, is leading the way with user-post growth that outpaces the industry average by nearly 600 percent.

The four-year-old site relies on a customized business model that rewards professional contractor forum members with points they can redeem for tools, work gear and related items.

Started in 2011 by Robert Bosch Tool Corporation as construction information hub, has grown to become one of the industry's leading online portals with high user engagement in its professional forum communities. The site boasts a user-generated content rate of more than 95 percent, a sign that the community is mature and has a strong commitment to its members according to FeverBee, a leading online community management consulting firm that tracks engagement metrics.

"Increasing user-generated content is the outgrowth programs we built to improve overall site content to better focus on the professional construction trades," said Jim Lillig, Bosch brand manager and moderator. "We've made every effort to demonstrate to our user base that this is a professional forum built for them - it's their one-stop location for news and advice. That's been the goal from the beginning and now it's coming to fruition."

User-generated post growth for has averaged 7.5 percent since January and consistently outpaces the other 25 construction forum communities. Post growth is a month-over-month measure of the number of new comment threads, topics and replies members post each month. A high growth in posts signals that the community is active and engaged. The industry average for this measurement is 0.74 percent over the same period. is a storehouse for posts about power tool reviews and head-to-head comparisons, construction techniques, installation tips and insider know-how. The site offers users an opportunity to earn points for posting content that the community finds valuable. Points can then be redeemed for rewards that the site's sponsors supply. Sponsors of include Keen Boots, SKILSAW, Quikrete, Bosch power tools, Blaklader Workwear, Ram Trucks, and the Construction Marketing Association. Since its inception, the site has awarded more than 63 million points converted into 2000 awards for tools, work gear and services.

Member posts are reviewed by a panel of moderators and administrators who ensure that new members are adding knowledge and insight that construction professionals want. Popular posts include documenting a construction job from beginning to end, and highlighting the written content with pictures and video. Trade pros offer insights into how they perform their work during various phases of a construction or during a remodeling job. Other popular member-generated content includes videos of tool reviews and side-by-side comparisons, as well as best practices and creative ideas on organizing a workspace or work vehicle.

The site has attracted more than 8,500 forum members, a number that is growing monthly. Nearly every trade is represented, including general contractors, carpenters, concrete workers, masons, electricians, HVAC, drywallers, framers, plumbers, roofers, metalworkers, flooring and remodeling professionals.