Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Therefore I call upon you and all your powers to not let this wonderful opportunity pass us up and go to waste.

The opportunity I am speaking of is of course the opportunity to advance our common cause and belief that homes and businesses should all be built with materials and methods that make them stronger, safer, healthier, and more energy efficient over antiquated materials and methods that are currently being used. Is it not now time to draw the proverbial line in the sand that will challenge the status quo and further our cause, and if not now, when?

Committee members reviewing the IRC2015 Building Codes were told, “Under no circumstances will the IRC2015 Energy Codes be considered and or adopted by the State of Oklahoma because Energy Codes have nothing to do with Building Codes.” Ladies and Gentlemen, this mentality must be challenged, addressed, and brought to the public’s attention. It should not and cannot be hidden away without the greater population of Oklahoma and all others knowing about it. Why would any state or state official dare to keep technological advancements from naturally occurring which will ensure for greater safety for its population?

If allowed to progress unchallenged, the effects of this absurd decision will be felt by my fellow Oklahoman’s for decades and will cost them dearly with human lives, trillions of dollars in property damage, and billions of dollars in energy waste over the life expectancy of homes and businesses that will be built under the IRC2015 Building Codes. While other States and communities across America work hard to advance changes that will save lives, property, and energy, Oklahoma lawmakers as well as the building community have placed their heads in the sand and pretend there’s no problems with our current system of construction.

We are now entering into a new tornado season, a season which will undoubtedly deliver yet more death and property destruction from our infamous tornadoes here in Oklahoma. We can continue to look to past technological advancements and reap the rewards of more of what we already have or we can be reactive and embrace changes that will make a difference to save lives, property, and energy.

So once again I ask the question, Is it not now time to roll up our sleeves, choose the ground of our own choosing to begin the fight on that will advance and further our cause and if not here and now, when?

I welcome the opportunity to debate this subject. Thank you for allowing us to stand upon the soapbox and shout out our message!

Daniel Keeslar is president of Insulated Concrete Forms & More in Oklahoma City, OK. He can be reached at