ekkomaxx cement, manufactured by CeraTech Inc., recently received an evaluation report ESR-3691 from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that the industry's first non-portland, green cement system complies with the 2012 International Building Codes (IBC) and the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC). Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers and designers can use ICC-ES Evaluation Reports to provide a basis for using or approving ekkomaxx in construction projects under the ASTM C150 standard.

ICC-ES President Shahin Moinian explains why ICC-ES certification is so important. "CeraTech can now reference the evaluation report to ensure building officials and the building industry that the product meets I-Code requirements," Moinian said. "Building departments have a long history of using evaluation reports, and ICC-ES operates as a technical resource with the highest quality of product review for the building department. Final approval of building products is always in the hands of the local regulatory agency."
ICC-ES thoroughly examined CeraTech's product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC459 to ensure the product is code-compliant.

"Having ICC-ES validate our cement system as meeting or exceeding ASTM International's C150 standards industry is ground breaking. It sets a new precedent and represents the first time in the construction industry that a better environmental cement technology, our ekkomaxx family of high performance cements, has been established as meeting or exceeding the construction standards for Portland cement," explained Jon Hyman, CeraTech's President and CEO.

CeraTech's ekkomaxx Cement concrete utilizes 95% recycled fly ash and 5% readily renewable liquid additives offering greater durability. CeraTech's leadership in durability and sustainability over portland cement includes:

• The lowest carbon footprint of any cement available in the world (near zero)
• More than 50% less water is used in concrete production, (a savings of approximately 15 gallons per cu.yd.)
• Increased durability and a product lifecycle, independently tested, that is 2.5 - 3x longer than portland cements

CeraTech Inc.

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