Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) member Cutting Edge Services Corp. of Batavia, Ohio, becomes the first contractor to be certified at Level 1 of the association’s Company Certification Program. The 3-tier program has been developed by the CSDA Certification Committee for cutting contractors to provide owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and government officials with a valuable prequalification tool and to enhance the public image of concrete cutters.

Level 1 certification has been devised to evaluate that a company meets the basic safety and financial requirements of the industry. To achieve Level 1, companies must successfully pass a written application review. More companies are aiming to emulate this attainment and go on to become ISO9000 compliant by achieving Level 3 certification.

“I am extremely pleased to have my company be the first to achieve Level 1 status,” said Tim Beckman, owner of Cutting Edge Services Corp. “The CSDA Company Certification Program provides me with documentation that can I present to customers and general contractors. I can prove that the company not only performs safe and efficient cutting work, but also uses sound business practices.”

Level 2 includes heavy industrial prequalification. To attain Level 2, a company must show it is undertaking sound operational and financial best practices, in addition to the criteria set out for the first level, while providing evidence that the company has taken part in basic training or certification programs to better its employees and the company as a whole. To achieve Level 2 certification, companies must successfully pass a written application review.

Level 3 will provide potential customers with proof that a company has a total quality management system in place, and that the contractor is committed to a high standard of safety, training and sound business practices. Level 3 includes an audit with standards equivalent to the internationally-recognized ISO9000 certification scheme, plus other industry-specific requirements. To achieve Level 3 certification, companies must pass an onsite audit.

For more information, visit and click on the Company Certification Program banner or contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004.