CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine has selected Earl Senchuk’s Central Park of Stephenson project as its seventh annual Decorative Concrete Project of the Year.

The project turned a rose into a concrete sculpture floating in a pond. Each of the 12 petals and three leaves were individually sculpted using a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, fast-setting, polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar. The pieces were then numbered and fitted into a specially designed denture-like holder. The unique piece measures 54 inches across and features a 120 high-intensity LED light ring, underwater lights, and a pump and fountain head.

“This year’s winners are diverse and eclectic, demonstrating the true versatility of the decorative concrete medium,” said editor in chief William D. Palmer Jr. “The winning projects showcase a wide variety of techniques and craftsmanship that are driving the industry.”

2011’s Project of the Year winners represent outstanding artistry in decorative concrete across the industry. The winning projects embody the best concrete artistry has to offer, a review of the best design and techniques of decorative concrete. The winners are featured in the December issue of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION. They include one overall “Project of the Year,” six honorable mentions and one Readers' Choice. This year more than 1100 CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION readers voted for their favorite project. The winner is an all-encompassing ranch featuring integral-colored concrete stamping.


Unusual Piece
Central Park of Stephenson, Stephenson, Mich.; Contractor: Earl Senchuk, Marquette, Mich.


Large-Scale Commercial
J.W. Marriott Art Plaza, Indianapolis;
Contractor: Smock Fansler Construction, Indianapolis

Bilovesky Backyard Living Space, Overland Park, Kan.
Contractor: Artistic Concrete Surfaces, Olathe, Kan.

The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino, Las Vegas
Contractor: ArCon Flooring, Las Vegas

Craft Piece
Concrete Lace Curtain, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Contractor: Doreen Westphal Studio, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

Mosaic Effect
16 Main Watercloset, Germantown, N.Y.
Contractor: 16 Main Mosaics, Germantown, N.Y.

Theme park
Toucan Ridge, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Contractor: Klassen Concrete, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


YoungLife’s Washington Family Ranch, Antelope, Ore.
Contractor: Saddleback Development Corp., Lake Forest, Calif.

Detailed information about each project and photo slideshows are posted here.