Residing on Billionaire’s Row in New York City, 432 Park Avenue is a 90-foot by 90-foot square luxury condo building erected 1,398 feet high. Roger & Sons Concrete Inc., the concrete contractor on the project, had its work cut out with the 96-story building positioned in a high-end neighborhood known for art, fashion, and retail.

Construction began in September 2011 and with safety as a concern, Doka was selected to provide the high-end formwork solutions needed to keep the project on schedule.

The project was topped-out in October 2014, with about 75,000 cubic yards of concrete in just over 20 months. The unique aspect of this residence is the exposed, high-strength, white concrete moment-resisting frame that doubles as part of the façade of the building. High-strength reinforcing and custom stainless steel self-climbing forms allowed Roger & Sons to deliver the exposed external frame with an architectural finish.

“This building will be a landmark, rising out of Midtown like a pencil sticking up in the air twice as high as anything else in the neighborhood,” says Antonio Rodrigues, president of Roger & Sons Concrete.

But, building up and setting records does not occur without some key challenges, especially related to safety. Rogers & Sons worked with Doka on past projects and knew they could provide the safety and service needed. The 104-unit building’s condos range in price from $7 million to $95 million and include an exclusive 8,500-square-foot private restaurant. Other notable building features and amenities include trademark square windows, private lift landings, separate service entrances, 12.6-foot ceilings, and a 75-foot indoor swimming pool. Custom, architectural steel formwork was used all around the outside column and the spandrel beams in the form of stainless steel factsheets.

Doka’s load-bearing Staxo 100, designed for tall shoring-heights and high loads, was used to unite high-load capacity and safety. The system's very high load-bearing capacity – up to 22,500 pounds per leg – has optimized use of equipment for this project.

Staxo 100 also includes built-in protective features containing safe up/down access assured by ladders with slip-resistant rungs integrated into the frames; individual safety aided by defined an-chorage points for personal fall arrest systems; and safe erection and dis¬mantling ensured by “mounted-ahead” railings.

In addition, Doka’s Super Climber combined with Framax was used as the self-climbing core formwork. Both systems provided safe wide working platforms for the interior and exterior of the core construction to ensure safety during working operations and for up-and-down access.

The use of Doka formwork allowed construction to proceed in a busy, congested area. Pursuing the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere is a safety challenge that requires a high attention to detail at every step.

Here are some videos showing the construction progress: