Life Cycle Considered

Senate Bill 615, the Fiscal Accountability and Transparency in Infrastructure Spending Act, recently introduced by Senator David Vitter (R-La.), would require a 50-year life-cycle cost analysis for all major infrastructure projects, giving concrete a clear advantage in paving jobs. For more information on this and similar efforts by the Portland Cement Association, check out From the other side comes an editorial in Hot Mix Asphalt Technology from Mike Acott, president of the National Asphalt Pavement Association. In it he urges lawmakers not to impose life-cycle cost analysis because “decisions about the use of these tools belong in the hands of highway engineers, not legislators.” He has a point, but to me requiring life-cycle analysis for federally funded highway projects only makes good sense.

Adhesive Anchor Installer

ACI’s efforts to certify adhesive anchor installers is moving along quickly. At a recent event held at Bosch’s facility in Addison, Ill., ACI’s John Nehasil and Mike Morrison described how the program works and what an installer needs to do to become certified. Although not a certification requirement, the program is an important component because ACI research has shown properly installing an overhead adhesive anchor in concrete takes experience. Stay tuned because CC hopes to sponsor a practice space at World of Concrete 2012.

Rampant Corruption?

Although most of you are out there doing good deeds in your communities and supporting worthy causes, we all know the general public is suspicious of contractors. Unfortunately, it’s the sleazy ones that get the press. But even I was surprised by a recent book, Building Outrage: How Corruption Has Crippled the Construction Industry and What Owners Can Do to Take Back the Building Process. In it author Barry LePatner states corruption is “business as usual for the construction industry.” He claims to be protecting owners, stating that “until owners are educated about the costly inefficiencies of the construction industry and take action to protect themselves from corruption, cost overruns will continue to sabotage projects.” When this sort of garbage is published as truth, we have a big job protecting our reputations.

The CC staff scours the industry every day to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. But we can’t learn what’s really going on without your help. Let me know!