Designed for a creative marketing and advertising agency in Austin, Texas, this concrete parking garage is nestled into a steep hillside along the intersection of a boulevard fronting an urban park and a busy residential street. While the site and its neighbors called for minimal impact along this high-profile thoroughfare, it also presented the opportunity to create a masterful architectural expression.

In total, 1600 cubic yards of concrete was used to create this helical structure, including drilled piers, columns, basement walls, slab on grade, grade beams, and elevated post-tensioned slabs and beams.

The concrete framework anchors rhythmically overlapping steel screens that appear to nimbly float along the exterior. Vines trained onto the screens will eventually provide living green walls, allowing the building to recede further into the hillside.

Integrated into the design is a planted green roof that acts as a water detention pond above the parking decks. All water collected from the roof enters a cistern that irrigates the roof and surrounding landscaping.