Precision Concrete Floors of Oshkosh, Wis., and Northern Concrete Inc. of Denmark, Wis., have set industry expectations to a new level after receiving a Golden Trowel award at the 20th annual World of Concrete competition in Las Vegas. The award is given annually by The Face Companies of Norfolk, Va., in recognition of the flattest and most level concrete slabs placed in the world, and only 94 contractors from six countries have claimed a Golden Trowel since the beginning of the contest in 1989.

In order to keep a focus on quality and competitive price, Precision Concrete and Northern Concrete joined together to complete the 254,800-square-foot cement floor for the Sturm Foods Corporation of Manawa, Wis. Finishing in mid-November 2007, the project took three months to complete and was designed for the distribution and receiving of organic products.

"What a privilege it was to work with Precision Concrete on this project," said Vice President Chad Kane of Northern Concrete. "It was a great fit because both companies wanted to work hard and learn from each other to achieve the ultimate goal and satisfaction of a job well done."

The Sturm project was chosen from a group of projects that was submitted internationally in the 'random traffic' category. The project was designed to utilize the high-rack storage system, which requires an extremely even floor, and throughout the project, the crew continually achieved higher than the specified F-100 rating. The 'F-number' rating system was created in the 1970s, and is the international standard for the specification, measurement, and control of concrete floor flatness and levelness.

"The outcome of this project was outstanding," said Eric Palmquist, president of Precision Concrete. "With F-numbers that high, it is hard for people to actually understand how hard it is to achieve a floor that is extremely flat and even. It takes a highly qualified contractor and a lot of hard work to achieve that type of rating."

Precision Concrete Floors is located in Oshkosh, Wis., and specializes in flat floors and decorative concrete. Its capabilities also include commercial/industrial concrete flooring, overlays, dry shakes and residential driveways, steps, sidewalks, patios, garage slabs, and pool decks.