JEC has announced that the agenda has been set for the 2011 2nd I.I.C.S (Innovative International Composites Summit), which will take place from March 29/31 at Porte de Versailles – Paris.

One of JEC’ s mission is to inform, educate and promote composites solutions worldwide with a full range of seminars, conferences, forums. The 1st I.I.C.S (Innovative International Composites Summit) took place during JEC Show Asia Singapore (October 12/14th 2010). The second edition will outline how composites for mass production are ready for take-off.

“Human population has increased ‘3 fold’ over the past 50 years”, says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC President and CEO. “Manufacturers are to meet more and more production demands. The composites industry is changing from low volume to high volume mass production. Composites design and process simulation are an essential part. And also, at the manufacturing stage, automating and accelerating production times with lower and faster temperatures and pressures processes”.

She adds: “While the focus is on automating and producing more, we are also aware that our planet has a finite capacity and that we must change our entire energy structure. Key to composites is Carbon fibre. Biomaterials are now accepted and pervasive throughout the economy. Nano Materials have also some outstanding mechanical, electrical and thermal properties”. During the I.I.C.S. 2nd edition, all these trends will be explored in all application sectors in order to provide 12 high-quality end-users and cross-industries forums and also technical and strategy conferences to all players in the composites industry.

  • A special Automotive focus:
    With OEMs increasing focus on sustainable mobility and alternative energy sources, the search for new technologies to bring massive weight reductions and new structural solutions is intensifying. In the Automotive forum OEMs and tiers 1 will discuss about their choice and strategy. Bridging the gap between an exclusive, expensive high end carbon material suitable for producing up to now 1 aircraft per week and finding a reliable, competitive environmentally friendly material able to deliver 400 to 800 cars per week is quite a challenge. BMW Group’s response to this challenge is the MegaCity Vehicle, the world’s first carbon-fiber body mass production car which will be unveiled during the Automotive forum.
  • The 1st JEC Observance conference on the Global Carbon Fiber Market
    Key to composites is Carbon fibre. By 2020 we will need ~ 340,000 T/yr. Most Carbon fibre is manufactured from PAN - a wasteful process. This forum will discuss about how to manufacture large quantities of high quality, low cost, carbon fibre.

Construction & Civil Engineering Forum:
Construction & Civil Engineering: Widening the use of structural composites
Tuesday March 29 – 10:30am / 1:00pm

Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the structural engineering community is about to enter a stage in which structural design with fibre reinforced polymers composites is poised to become as routine as structural design with classical structural materials such as masonry, wood, steel, and concrete. In this forum, projects will highlight cost-effective integrated processes enabling the maximum capability of industrialization of components both for the Construction and Civil Engineering markets.

This I.I.C.S 3 days eventful program is comprising 12 conferences and forums, among which four brand new ones.

4 End-user Industry forums

  • Aeronautics: Introducing next generation integrated composites aerostructures
    Thursday March 31 – 10:30am / 1:00pm
  • Automotive: How far away is composite for mass production?
    Tuesday March 29 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm
  • Construction & Civil Engineering: Widening the use of structural composites
    Tuesday March 29 – 10:30am / 1:00pm
  • Wind Energy: Producing high quality in a high quantity
    Thursday March 31 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm

3 Cross-Industry forums

  • Automation Forum: Gaining productivity in industrial processes
    Thursday March 31 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm
  • Bio-based Materials: When performance meets sustainability
    Thursday March 31 – 10:30am / 1:00pm
  • NEW! Nano Materials: Enhancing the mechanical and physical properties of composites
    Wednesday March 30 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm

3 Technical Conferences

  • Composites Design in partnership with Stanford University: A new composites design methodology to reduce weight and cost
    Wednesday March 30 – 10:30am / 1:00pm
  • Composites Simulation in partnership with ESI Group: Predicting composite behavior
    Wednesday March 30 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm
  • NEW! Non Destructive Testing in partnership with CETIM: Seeing through composites: industrial applications and trends
    Tuesday March 29 – 2:30pm / 5:00pm

2 Strategy Conferences

  • NEW! Global Carbon Fiber Market: Manufacturing large quantities of high quality, low cost, carbon fibre Tuesday March 29 – 10:30am / 1:00pm
  • NEW! Economic: A global composite economy into a growth trajectory Wednesday March 30 – 10:30am / 1:00pmCERENCE

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