In this cost-conscious era of concrete construction, architects, engineers, and contractors have available to them a service operation which can cut costs and step up efficiency. This is the concrete construction specialty house. Several large operations and a score of smaller ones in this field now provide a broad range of services to the construction industry in every corner of the country. Based on interviews with men of long experience in the concrete accessory field, the five following services would seem to be the most important to the contractor: (1) the availability of a wide variety of necessary construction equipment, either for sale or for rent. One company's catalog, for example, has 200 pages of items that are available to its customers. Thus the contractor is able to put his hand immediately on items urgently needed for a job in progress- and he usually has a choice of buying or renting the item. (2) Prompt delivery at the jobsite, when need, of a broad array of construction accessories. Immediate delivery is usually available only in major marketing areas. In outlying areas or smaller towns, orders have to be mailed or sent by rail or truck. However, as the concrete accessory business grows and competition increases, the direct delivery areas are expanding. Contractors should find out whether or not this service is available to them in each new construction area. (3) Assistance in quoting realistically on a construction job, large or small. (4) A wide variety of engineering assistance, ranging from counsel on the type and assembly of forms to the entire layout of a tilt-up job. (5) In some instances, concrete accessory houses will supply their own work crews to perform specialized services. The contractor- and particularly the small contractor- should find out what these services are, how much they cost, and how he can best put them to use.