The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces the availability of four new publications and CD-ROMs to educate and inform industry professionals on the newest concrete-related information and technology. As always, ACI members receive a special discount (up to 40 percent) on all ACI publications. Publications can be ordered by calling 248-848-3800 or online at

318-08 and PCA Notes on CD-ROM (318-08CD)
This CD-ROM contains ACI 318-08, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, and covers the materials, design, and construction of structural concrete used in buildings and where applicable in non-building structures. The CD-ROM also contains the tenth edition of PCA Notes from the Portland Cement Association, the primary purpose of which is to assist the engineer and architect in the proper application of the ACI 318-08 design standard. This document is also a valuable aid for educators, undergraduate and graduate students, contractors, materials and product manufacturers, building code authorities, and inspectors.

Publisher: American Concrete Institute and PCA
Publication Date: February 2009
Order Code: 31808CD.PR
Price: $199.50 (ACI members $150.00)

Guide for Selecting Proportions for High-Strength Concrete Using Portland Cement and Other Cementitious Matter (211.4R-08)
This guide presents general methods for selecting mixture proportions for high-strength concrete and optimizing these mixture proportions on the basis of trial batches. The methods are limited to high-strength concrete containing portland cement and fly ash, silica fume, or slag cement and produced using conventional materials and production techniques. Recommendations and tables are based on current practice and information provided by contractors, concrete suppliers, and engineers who have been involved in projects dealing with high-strength concrete.

"The 2008 version of this guide represents the latest thinking on high-strength mix design," said Gary Knight, chair of ACI committee 211, Proportioning Concrete Mixtures. "It includes best practices, updated information, and tables for use by engineers and contractors that represents the most recent advances in concrete technology."

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: December 2008
Number of pages: 25
Order Code: 211408.PR
Price: $53.50 (ACI members $33.00)

Guide to Emulating Cast-In-Place Detailing for Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Structures (550.1R-09)
This guide provides information for detailing precast concrete structures that should meet building code requirements for all seismic design categories by emulating cast-in-place reinforced concrete design. This guide also explains how emulative precast concrete structures can address the provisions of ACI 318-08.

"This guide is the definitive reference on emulative detailing that shows the entire range of connections meeting the latest ACI and ICC codes," said Alvin Ericson, chair of ACI subcommittee 550, Precast Concrete Structures. "Engineers need to understand the difference between emulative and jointed connections for precast and how emulative detailing can be used to convert a cast-in-place design to be constructed with precast elements to meet all seismic requirements. This guide will assist in that goal."

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: February 2009
Number of Pages: 17
Order Code: 550109.PR
Price: $46.50 (ACI members $28.00)

Seismic Strengthening of Concrete Buildings Using FRP Composites CD-ROM (SP-258CD)
This CD-ROM consists of eight papers that were presented by ACI Committee 440 at the ACI Spring Convention in Atlanta, Ga., in April 2007. Papers include:
Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column T-Joints in Bridge Piers with FRP Composite Jackets
Performance of an RC Corner Beam-Column Joint Severely Damaged Under Bidirectional Loading and Rehabilitated with FRP Composites
Experimental Evaluation of Non-Circular Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened with CFRP

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: February 2009
Order Code: SP258CD.PR
Price: $58.50 (ACI members $36.00)