What does it take to be a great concrete contractor in 2016? An outstanding safety record? A strong commitment to quality? Building and retaining a skilled team of workers? A growing record of customer satisfaction? All of the above?

Each year in the July issue of Concrete Construction we profile some of the outstanding concrete contractors we have come to know across North America. Some of these contractors we have encountered during the year on projects or at events. Others write to us to tell us about their company. Does your company deserve to be included?  If so, we want to hear from you.

Here are some of the the basic characteristics of a great concrete contractor:

  • You have a clear vision of what your company stands for.
  • You've  been able to differentiate your company in your  market.
  • You're not afraid to try new things, adopt technology, improve productivity.
  • You have lots of repeat customers and satisfied customers. You have partnered with your customers to help them get the highest quality for their cost.
  • You maintain healthy margins.
  • You maintain a great relationship with your concrete ready-mix supplier and other suppliers.
  • You are involved in industry associations such as ASCC, ACI, ASA, or local contractor groups.
  • You encourage community service by your employees and company.
  • You have an excellent safety record.

Your company doesn’t have to be big to be among the best. We’re looking for the professionals—those that are serious about quality and continuous improvement and safety. Does your company have what it takes to rise above the mediocre and shine in relation to its peers and competitors? Email or call to let me know that your company should be included among America's Concrete Contractors and we will be in touch to get all of the information. I look forward to hearing from you.