Why is it that the U.S. Congress has to fight about every little thing and remains rigid in their opinions, while the concrete and construction industry generally finds ways to work things out? Having worked at ACI for many years and been a member for many years more, I’m always impressed that a committee can have a serious disagreement but usually ends up finding a way to compromise. Sure there are some knock-down battles, but usually a solution is developed that everyone can live with.

Even on job sites, contractors and construction managers nearly always come to an agreement—at least that’s true for professional contractors who take the time to communicate clearly with everyone on the team: CMs, GCs, structural engineers, and owners. The more communication, the deeper the understanding of the issues the rest of the team is facing. There are always going to be some, in any role, who will try to gain an unfair advantage, but they don’t last long in a modern business environment where there is so much information flowing that everyone soon knows about it and thus knows to avoid the bad apples.

I think we are getting better at this. Do you agree?