The Colorado Hardscapes team turns design dreams into reality.
Credit: Colorado Hardscapes The Colorado Hardscapes team turns design dreams into reality.

When a commercial or residential customer turns to Colorado Hardscapes for inspiration, he may start by browsing 2000 square feet of concepts displayed in the showroom and courtyard at corporate headquarters in Denver. He can expect to end up with a customized hardscape vista featuring any combination of concrete floors, walkways, patios, walls, fountains, and faux rock formations.

Maybe an eye-catching feature would be perfect in a different color or finish. That’s a job for Colorado Hardscapes’ research and development department, which creates samples, models, and mock-ups, and continually experiments with new products and techniques for decorative concrete. Job estimates prepared by salespeople are finalized by crews before the project begins.

Colorado Hardscapes earmarks a portion of profits for a matching donation fund that enables employees to add to their charitable contributions. The company supports 15 charities through this fund.

The contractor has a second office, Progressive Hardscapes, based in Phoenix.