Tilt-up concrete is one of the many types of construction All-Phase performs.
All-Phase Concrete Construction Tilt-up concrete is one of the many types of construction All-Phase performs.

A relatively young company, All-Phase Concrete Construction does it all, from architectural concrete walls and tilt-up concrete, to parking garages and general construction. This family-owned business operates in Colorado and Wyoming and its 130 employees are a point of pride. “They are what set us apart from our competitors,” says vice president John Hoffschneider. “We have an incredible team of people who are masters of their trade.”

The challenges of concrete construction in this fast-paced and financially driven market aren’t an issue for All-Phase or its employees. Hoffschneider boasts that his employees are incredibly loyal, having weathered the downturn of the economy, and are the main reason the company will continue to grow and be successful for years to come.

Taking care of its employees is a priority for this contractor, and ensuring they are all aware and capable of staying safe comes as no surprise. Every new hire working in the field is required to complete 10 hours of OSHA safety training (30 hours for supervisors). And everyone participates in follow-up classes that may pertain to a specific job or piece of equipment they will be operating.

All-Phase has worked on some challenging projects in its 20 years, including the University of Denver stadium. “The job posed a logistical challenge because school was in session and it had to be done ahead of schedule so they could host the opening season lacrosse game,” says Hoffschneider. The crew poured 2,000 feet of 24-foot-high walls in nine weeks.

The contractor’s long-term goal is to venture into new states, but to grow at a steady, manageable pace. “We are concentrating on the area that we do well and can be most profitable,” says Hoffschneider. As the busy season approaches, All-Phase plans to increase its workforce to 200 employees, growing stronger and ready to welcome new challenges.