Sixteen years ago, Shawn Free, founder and president of Concrete Services, started his business out of the back of his Honda Civic. Today, it is the leading transportation concrete specialty contractor in Florida, with 150 employees, 12 slipform machines, and a fleet of more than 75 trucks.

“We look to be the best at what we do and it starts from the top,” says partner and vice president Rick Kontos. Concrete Services’ reputation rests on its ability to push the largest of projects forward by not just working harder than everyone else, but also smarter than everyone else. “Where we are today is, in large part, due to our investment in ourselves and innovating new ways of construction.”

Earlier this year the subcontractor received two patents for a new slipform technology that allows slipforming of concrete structures that not only have rebar inside the structure, but rebar that extends outside to allow for future concrete pours. “We are slipforming tens of thousands of feet of coping and junction slabs throughout the state and have had the Florida Department of Transportation standards changed to allow for our new system,” says Kontos.

With the new technology getting notice, Concrete Services has taken on a significant amount of work in the region. “The next five years could be the most exciting yet,” says Kontos. With plans to license the technology to other concrete contractors throughout the U.S., Concrete Services looks forward to growing into new markets, but only if it can be done without sacrificing what they are known to bring to a job. “We succeed by hard work, innovating, and answering our phone,” says Kontos.