Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.
Jonathan Gayman Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.

Construction success is the standard at CSI—a Division 3, self-performing, cast-in-place concrete contractor. Though it can be defined by numbers like more than 250 field personnel and $100 million in annual revenue, Joe Vitale, president, takes pride in the people who make the company. “Call it luck or just good fortune, I believe CSI employees are some of the brightest in their field,” he says.

In the construction business for 29 years, Vitale got involved out of a sense of obligation. “Several years after entering the country as a stowaway from Sicily, my father started a concrete company. After witnessing him and my older brother, the most hard working men I know, work endless hours to grow the company, I felt obligated to at least try engineering school.” After his third year in school everything began to come together when he had Dr. Ward Malish as a professor. “Dr. Malish had the ability to simplify complex analysis and procedures and put them into play in everyday concrete construction.” When starting in the family business, Vitale made simple changes which encouraged him to believe he might be able to make a difference in the company. “Since then I have had the opportunity to work all around the country and am very grateful to all the engineers and field workers that gave me the opportunity to learn and improve.”

Recognized with multiple awards, today CSI has a noteworthy reputation for speed, quality, and a commitment to safety. “I would be a fool to say we are superior to any great contractor,” says Vitale. “But I can say I firmly believe that CSI offers a lot of advantages. We take pride in our employees’ awareness of safety. We have the ability to tackle very large projects and deliver a quality product on an accelerated schedule with safety as our primary goal.” With an EMR rating of 0.62, CSI’s main concern is to ensure that all of its employees know that safety is the number one goal.

Success at CSI begins with the employees, travels through education and safety, and results in a company that has an unparalleled track record in concrete construction.