Pete Barlow, senior partner of Contech Services, modestly explains his role with the company as someone who offers guidance on direction, strategies, and goals. Serving seven states with various contracting and structural repair services, it seems Contech has been guided in the right direction. “We have a very dedicated staff and well-trained crews,” says Barlow.

Barlow got his roots in the concrete business 38 years ago after completing school, and “with good fortune,” he says, started to work for a leading manufacturer and installer of epoxy resins for crack repair. As a young person starting out in the concrete repair business, getting accepted and having a voice took perseverance and patience—two qualities that have helped make Contech a successful contractor. “Staying the course and honoring what we believe are our company values in the face of business and project challenges. Taking the easy road may feel like the thing to do but fighting off those urges is important to ensure the continuation of personal and corporate integrity and reputation.”

Barlow has written articles for several industry publications and is a speaker/instructor on concrete repair nationally—a contribution to the concrete industry worth mentioning. As for the guidance Barlow has contributed to Contech, it’s rooted in the belief that, “you do it right the first time and admit to mistakes when they happen, and make them right.”