It’s hard to leave the construction industry when you are born into it. Brad Lang is the president of LangCo NW Inc. His father, Patrick Lang, owned a construction business for more than 30 years. After a brief stint at the Art Institute of Seattle, Brad Lang followed his heart and went into concrete construction.

LangCo is focused 100% on concrete construction. It is a quality-driven company with a team-structured workforce. “We largely focus on quality, hands-on training and education, high-quality tools and machines, and implementing all the above in the forming, placing, and finishing process to achieve the highest quality on all projects for every client,” says Lang.

The contractor provides full sitework services, commercial, apartment and multifamily townhome and condominium foundations, slabs, stamped and artistic finishes, acid stain application, and concrete countertops.

LangCo has been successful, and they have the hardware to prove it. The contractor has won three awards for excellent workmanship in Washington State from the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association.

The recession and steep decline in the market hurt business, but Lang saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow. He felt it was important to diversify his operation and cover more than just one segment of the market. Many of his company’s investments have been based on demonstrations at the World of Concrete.

Lang is enthusiastic about his plans to expand the company and is currently building a larger facility. The business is 10 times larger and has much greater capability than five years ago. “Every day is an opportunity — you have to seize it for yourself,” says Lang.