When Lithko was founded in 1992, co-workers were traveling long distances for projects, keeping them on the road and away from their families. Since then, Lithko has focused more on a healthy work-life balance. This marked the beginning of Lithko’s BURGs, Business Units Running Great. The contractor operates over 14 BURGs in about 35 states. Each BURG is a full-service concrete contractor that uses Lithko processes to deliver exceptional results.

Lithko is a middle-market ‘total package' concrete contractor and a member of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA). The contractor handles all portions of the project that involve concrete including; walls, slabs, decks, columns, tilt-up, high-tolerance floors, and sitework.

While large portions of tilt-up contractors are more specialized, Lithko truly does it all. The contractor does architectural tilt-up with brick inlay, warehouse tilt-up, exterior finish, interior components of a building, monuments, multi-story office buildings, elevator shafts, and more.

This contractor goes beyond the jobsite to help communities in need. Lithko recently donated their concrete services to Hope House, a provider for survivors of domestic violence. The 2016 Lithko Intern class, business unit leaders, and the CEO spent the day placing a new patio, fixed four sidewalks, and put in two new ramps to help with deliveries.

Lithko’s expected growth and ability to consistently complete quality projects on time gives them a competitive edge. “As far as number of locations and mobility, there’s really nobody that compares to our scope and scale from a tilt-up perspective,” says Rob Strobel, CEO of Lithko.

Investing in talent is top priority. A goal has been set to hire more than 100 interns and full-time project engineers out of their campus recruiting efforts. The contractor likes to groom its own workers and set them up for success. Interns have gone on to fulfill many leadership roles within the company.

"If we can empower our people with information, then they’re going to personally strive to meet or exceed their goals,” says Strobel.

By almost doubling its locations the past five years, the sky is the limit for this concrete contractor. “Our goal is to have locations in 50 cities across the U.S.,” says Strobel.