Premier Concrete, a family-owned and operated concrete contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, governmental and community-based projects, celebrates 30 years of serving the mid-Atlantic region this year. With a workforce comprised of 60 employees, some of whom are second-generation workers, Premier serves as a case study of a successful business built on honest, creative solutions, and a positive work culture.

How It All Started

Jim Workmeister, Premier's president, envisioned owning his own concrete business while working as a foreman for another Baltimore concrete company in the 1980s. When Workmeister’s former employer met with economic hardship, his entire staff, including Workmeister, was eventually laid off. To make ends meet, he worked on concrete side jobs, which became consistent enough to inspire him to start his own concrete business.

With the help of his father who co-signed a loan, Workmeister founded Premier Concrete in 1986. Four years later, his brother Steve joined the team, and by 1994, his business infrastructure experience had helped elevate Premier Concrete’s capabilities to that of a commercial-grade company. The two brothers used their complementary skills to grow Premier Concrete into a business that values its employees, its customers, and unique craft which has shaped much infrastructure in the mid-Atlantic region.

Cultivating Longevity

From increased responsibility for the subcontractor to the accelerated pace of business influenced by technology, much has changed since the company’s early days. Workmeister acknowledges he has also evolved over the course of his 30 years as president.

“Early on, our business decisions were often fueled by emotion and the fear of failure," he says. "It’s only been by learning to make sound business decisions that the company has been able to grow and prosper.”

Workmeister credits much of his company's longevity to how he and his brother were raised by parents who consistently displayed determined attitudes, optimism, and a strong work ethic despite job loss and other business challenges.

He also attributes the business’ success to a motivated workforce. “By rewarding employees with attractive benefits and meaningful retirement plans, Premier is able to give each employee the opportunity to improve his or her lifestyle,” says Workmeister. “I am proud of how our employees have contributed so positively to Premier’s reputation while embracing the enjoyable company culture that has developed thanks to their effort and results.”

A Legacy and a Look Ahead

Over the past 30 years, Premier Concrete has worked on many notable projects, including a 240,000-square-foot dual-level prototype building which houses a Sam’s Club on the bottom level and a Walmart on the top; the Nelson building on Johns Hopkins’ medical campus; the stone wall on Key Highway that overlooks Baltimore’s Inner Harbor; and a multi-year renovation plan for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. Premier Concrete has worked on many Baltimore-area Royal Farms, McDonalds, Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacy locations and just completed two projects in Port Covington that are part of a landmark project for the city of Baltimore. Premier Concrete looks forward to serving the mid-Atlantic area for years to come.