John Muldoon

Since 1972, family-owned S&S Concrete Floors has recognized the importance of investing in new technology and techniques to not only increase efficiency, productivity, and quality, but to remain a leader in the industry. Offering general concrete construction services, including tilt-up, the contractor also specializes in high-tolerance, high-performance slabs and turnkey packages; and employs a specialty division that performs polishing, sealing, joint filling, and repair work.

That’s a lot to keep track of, but not difficult when you have the right people on staff. “The secret sauce to a company’s longevity and success is working with good people. They are the heart of our organization,” says owner Dave Somero. Somero’s father, David Somero, bought the business in 1974, two years after the company opened its doors.

Since then, the advancement of technology in the industry has provided S&S Concrete opportunities to grow its business. “It adds a huge amount of value to our clients, and end-users of the products we produce, but often over-looked is the value it adds to the workers in the areas of health, safety, quality of life, and career potential within our industry,” says Somero.

The elder Somero, inventor of the Somero Laser Screed was awarded the 2014 Charles S Whitney Medal from ACI. “My father received that award for his contribution to the industry. It feels good to be recognized for a lot of hard work. I like to think it is indicative of a can-do attitude, willingness to think outside of the box, and push for solutions that benefit not only our operation, but the industry and ultimately everyone who uses our products,” says Somero.

Optimistic about the economy, S&S Concrete is keeping busy with some high-profile projects, including FedEx and UPS facilities, and even “a very specialized project with Disney that has been challenging and exciting,” says Somero.

The contractor plans to continue offering value to its clients through exceptional communication, value-added services, and making projects as effortless as possible.