The American Society of Concrete Contractors has drafted criteria for qualifying contractor performing concrete work. The proposal has been sent to all ASCC members for comment. The qualification of contractor performing concrete work depends upon a recognized "Authority" to do the qualifying. The people performing concrete work will qualified on the bassi of their experience, character, competence, integrity and financing. To qualify for annual renewal of the certificate of competency, the holder will be required to provide:
  1. a list of all concrete work performed by him during the previous years
  2. name of owner, architect and engineer for each project listed
  3. a description of each project
  4. the contract time allowed for completion of each project
  5. the time elapsed from start to completion of each project
  6. an approved affidavit signed by the architect or owner of each project attesting to the performance of the applicant
  7. a current financial statement
  8. a current position of bondability
  9. a current bank letter of credit or reference
  10. a current status of commercial credit
  11. a current list of officers and directors of the applicant's firm
  12. a statement of the applicant's ownership of, or participation in, the firm for which the renewal application is being made.