Is it becoming easier or harder to make a living as a concrete contractor? Of the CC100 respondents, 99 say harder; one says: are you kidding! Here are some other interesting observations from contractors.

We see general contractors and construction managers giving owners accelerated project completion dates that are unreasonable in an effort to get projects.
—Briegan Concrete Contractors

In our area, “cheap” home guys are getting into commercial and underbidding by 30%.
—Blackwood of DC

It’s becoming harder to forge ahead because of unlicensed and disorganized companies underbidding the market to an all-time low.
—Griffin Cement

Everyone wants the work for cost or below. Technology can make it easier but if you can’t afford it, it does no good.
—Gulf Shores C&A

With margins reduced by 50%, it leaves no room for error or weak management teams.
—Mark 1 Contracting

The light at the end of the tunnel may be the good contractors that have made it through this difficult market will be well positioned to do well when construction picks up.
—Sequatchie Concrete Services

It has never been more complex as to what owners expect, architects dream, and engineers specify. This makes the business of forming, placing, finishing, and now architecturally treating the concrete a challenging process.
—Wayne Brothers