The future prospects for EC Concrete might have seemed dim following the death of company founder and president Greg Schwatzenberger and his wife in a plane crash last March. But today, Greg Junior and his sister, Stevan, are running a thriving company that has continued with very little hesitation.

“Following the accident, many wondered whether or not EC Concrete could withstand such a tragedy,” says Stevan, “including vendors and general contractors who had relationships with my dad for over 20 years. Fortunately, he had been grooming my older brother, who was managing the field operations and was involved in every aspect of the business. Because of my dad’s commitment to quality work and quality customer relationships, we are going strong.”

Greg started working in the company full time in 2004 and worked through the hard times in 2008 and 2009. “We had to make some sacrifices and learned a lot of lessons,” he says. “I think if we hadn’t gone through those rough times it might have been different after our father died. But we had made a strategic decision to retain our most talented employees and keep them busy so we had the leadership and experience to take on bigger projects when work picked up.”

One advantage Greg points to is the low-overhead model his father always followed. “Our biggest overhead is our labor. We strategically partner with our vendors so that the equipment we need is available. We basically rent almost everything.”

Both Greg and Stevan point to a simple but effective philosophy that has kept EC Concrete strong: approach every project with passion, honesty, and integrity; take care of your employees; and provide customer satisfaction with a fair profit.

The EC Concrete Story from Drawing Lines Media Group on Vimeo.