Like many contractors, Scurto grew up in the industry. Starting out at 11 years old in the family business, by age 21, Scurto joined his brother in Scurto Cement Construction. He says it was the unknown about concrete that motivated him to a life-long learning process, partly motivated by an attempt to level the playing field with owners who victimize inexperienced contractors.

Scurto is committed to learning, pointing out how the industry has changed since he's been involved. “We have gone from using hand strike boards, donkeys, jitterbugs, darbys, truss screeds, and shooting grades with sighted levels to laser screeds; FF and FL measurements for flatness and levelness; total stations for layout and guiding equipment; early-entry control cuts; and admixtures that enhance the properties of concrete. If you didn't change you probably aren't in business anymore.”

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is a primary interest. His company is active in research and development by occasionally funding university projects as well as their own research studies.

Scurto Cement also brings in experts to educate staff and they provide educational seminars for clients, engineering firms, and other people working with them. In February 2009, they partnered with CC to conduct a two-year field study on warehouse floors involving the placement of 10 different concrete mixes in a 60,000-square-foot warehouse to learn more about curling. Scurto's goal is to reduce floor curling and he is willing to share the results.

A couple of years ago, Scurto installed approximately 20 million square feet of concrete floors. But the market has reduced so greatly, they are focused more on promoting and installing concrete parking lots. This year, they successfully installed 4.5 million square feet of parking lot, much of it converted from asphalt.