What are the defining issues of today’s concrete industry?

Contractor project managers don’t understand how their decisions affect the bottom line of their subcontractors, and don’t care.
—Biegan Concrete Constructors

Getting work that you can perform with quality and profit.
—ACE/AVANT Concrete Construction

Climate issues—wet summers/cold winters.
—Cantera Concrete Co.

Too few contracts for too many contractors.
—Fly & Form

Mix designs have become very complicated. Understanding the properties to ensure they are placed and cured properly is a challenge and it’s difficult to produce these tight-tolerance mixes on a repeat basis.
—LeChase Construction Services

To eliminate costly mistakes and job setbacks that could be easily avoided through communication and double checking before concrete is placed (too late!).
—North Coast Concrete

Low entry barrier and not enough knowledge of what it takes to run a business.
—Ruttura & Sons

With the industry getting ever more competitive and profit margins getting slimmer, we are finding having a good relationship with past clients and a good reputation with new clients is paying dividends with select bid opportunities and awarding of work.
—J.T. Wimsatt Contracting