Our choices for Most Influential People in the concrete industry during 2014 reflect many of the year’s most pressing issues and developments—building information modeling, labor shortages, the rebounding construction economy, and the quality of formed concrete surfaces.

Keith Wayne, president of Wayne Brothers Construction, seemed an obvious choice, having grown his company dramatically over the past several years at least partly by being willing take a chance on new technology, such as self-consolidating concrete, BIM, and Ductilcrete. To learn more about Keith Wayne, click here.

Alise Martiny, Secretary-Business Manager of the Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council, also seemed to me to be a clear choice—her efforts to attract women and minorities into the construction trades is desperately needed right now. To learn more about Alise Martiny, click here.

Mark Perniconi , executive director of the Chales Pankow Foundation, is driving change in the way our industry looks at research. I knew Charlie Pankow and Perniconi is certainly honoring his legacy by inspiring new and better ways to build.To learn more about Mark Perniconi, click here.

The final choice for Most Influential might not be so obvious, but I believe that Rolf Spahr, sales director for MEVA Formwork Systems, has brought leadership to the formwork industry, even though controversial in some circles. The new ACI 347.3, Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces, may not be perfect but it is an effort to define surface texture that should evolve into something that will help contractors.To learn more about Rolf Spahr, click here.

Let me know what you think and who we’ve missed and should consider for next year.