Our industry often seems to move forward too slowly. But when it does move—and it does—it often is because of one person pushing the envelope of comfort and finding solutions to our big problems. Each year we find some of those people and present them to you. Here are five who are not content to let things take their own course.

Tom Adams, American Coal Ash Association

Casimir Bognacki, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Peter Craig, Concrete Constructives

John Kevern, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Steve Morrical, Holcim

CC’s Most Influential People in the Industry

Peter Craig, Concrete Constructives
John Kevern, University of Missouri KC
Casimir Bognacki, Port Authority of NT & NJ
Steve Morrical, Holcim/chair ACI 306
Tom Adams, American Coal Ash Association

The Concrete Producer 2011
Jerry Larson, Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Associaton
Gene Daniel, consultant
W.B. “Bill” Allen, Allen-Villere Partners

Allen Face
Chris Forster, Morley
Jack Gibbons, CRSI
Joe Neuber
Dick Stehly

The Concrete Producer 2010
Godwin Amekuedi, Argos USA
Canan D’Avela, Western American Minerals and Chemical Consultants
David Goodyear, T.Y. Lin International

Greg Scurto, Scurto Cement
Bob Simonelli, Structural Services Inc.
Ward Malisch, ASCC
David Darwin, University of Kansas
David Shepherd, PCA

The Concrete Producer 2009
Bruce Ingram, Ingram Ready Mix
Dr. Kamal Khayat, Universite de Sherbrooke
J.C. Roumain, J.C. Roumain & Co.

David Alexander and Dale Hendrix: McHugh Construction
Jeanne Gang, Gang Architects
Rick Smith, Structural Services Inc.
Kevin MacDonald, Cemstone
John Gajda, CTLGroup

The Concrete Producer 2008
Altus Group, carbon fiber reinforcement
Patrick Murphy, American Polysteel
Frank Kozeliski, Gallup Sand & Gravel
Steve Parker, chair of ASTM C09.40 (C94)
John Chrysler, MIA

Ed Sullivan, PCA
David Kelly, Meadow Burke
Howard Kanare, CTLGroup
Jerry Holland and Wayne Walker, Structural Services Inc.
Joseph Daczko, BASF
Linda Figg and Denny Pate, FIGG
Lance Boyer, Trademark Concrete
Bernie Erlin and Bill Hime, Erlin & Hime
Robert P. Foley, Con/Steel Tilt-Up Systems
Mary K. Hurd, writer

The Concrete Producer 2007
Gene Martineau, CIM
Thor Becken, Cemstone
Bill Holden, Block USA
Sid Freedman, PCI
Committee on National Concrete Canoe Competitions

Doug Bannister, The Stamp Store
Santiago Calatrava, architect
Clay Fischer, Woodland Construction
Terry Fricks, Fricks Floors
Bev Garnant, ASCC
Surendra Shah, ACBM
Mike Shydlowski, BASF
Luke Snell, SIUE
William Tolley, ACI
Michael Weber, PCA

Peter Emmons, Structural Group
Bill Baker, SOM
Tadao Ando, architect
James Cagley, Cagley & Associates
Ken Hover, Cornell
Ed Sauter, TCA/CFA
Mike Schneider, Baker Concrete
Jim Shilstone, Shilstone Associates
Eldon Tipping, Structural Services Inc.
Jack Cooney, Somero Enterprises