I’m polishing the concrete floor in the downstairs bathroom in my home. So far, it’s not going well—this isn’t as easy as it looks. There was a cure & seal put onto the concrete during construction 20 years ago and that is difficult to remove; getting close enough to the edges is nearly impossible; and keeping the diamond grinding wheels stuck onto the backer plate has turned out to be a challenge. But the first grind is half done so there’s no turning back now.

If I was a member of the newly formed Concrete Polishing Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, perhaps I would know enough not to get myself into this mess. This new organization officially opened in mid-September with the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) closing its doors and asking all of its members to instead join ASCC and the new CPC. The new council will operate semi-autonomously with the support of ASCC’s administrative team and with stronger connections to the general concrete slabs and floors community. This seems like a good thing for both CPAA and ASCC and for the polishing business as a whole. The polished concrete business has been scattered with several groups vying to be the leading source for technical information, education, and craftsman certification. With CPAA, the largest of those organizations, now teaming up with ASCC, I predict that the polishing industry will align under the CPC's banner.

One off-shoot of this new group is that they will be sponsoring the Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum at the 2017 World of Concrete on the topic of maintaining polished concrete floors. Polished concrete floors are not maintenance free, despite what many owners have been told. They may even need more (certainly different) maintenance than other floors. At this forum, polishing experts will explore how to keep a polished floor looking its best. Learn more about the luncheon and also the Wednesday Slabs Luncheon by clicking here.

I’ll let you know how the bathroom floor goes—I remain optimistic but my wife's confidence is fading.