This Fourth Edition of Structural Concrete: Theory and Design is updated and includes numerous step-by-step examples. You will quickly grasp the principles and techniques of analyzing and designing reinforced and prestressed concrete elements. Moreover, the authors' emphasis on a top quality, economical approach helps you design concrete structures and members with confidence.

Fully updated and revised, the Fourth Edition features:

  • Latest coverage reflecting the ACI 318-08 code
  • Seismic design chapter incorporates the latest of the International Building Code (IBC 2006)
  • AASHTO method for predicting concrete creep and shrinkage
  • New chapter dedicated to the design of curved beams
  • SI unit examples, equivalent conversion factors from customary units to SI units, and SI unit design tables

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How to order:

Phone: 248-848-3800, and mention order code SCTD.EM

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