Not too many years ago, the contractor himself set up to prepare the concrete required for a given job. Today there are very few areas in which the contractor cannot find a ready mix plant available to furnish the concrete required for any job. This means a lot to the contractor and owner of a structure, in that the contractor does not have to order, stockpile and handle the materials needed. But the responsibilities for a concrete job do not lie entirely with the ready mixed concrete producer who supplies a job. Some responsibilities are those of the purchaser-contractor, particularly if there is a specification involved. The contractor's three main responsibilities are: (1) the contractor should discuss the specification, if any, with the ready mix producer. (2) He should alert the producer of his plans for the week. And (3) he should plan the access and approaches to the job for the producer's trucks, with ample time for leveling grading, backfilling of trenches and removal of stockpiled materials. He should also provide access to the jobsite and notify the producer's representative in time to permit inspection. When orders are placed for delivery, both the contractor and the producer's dispatcher should be honest and specific in their respective statements to each other. The contractor should also alert the producer in the morning with an approximate idea of the next day's schedule, subject to confirmation or cancellation later in the day. It is the contractor's responsibility to see that the orders are placed not later than 3:00 pm the day before and that they give a definite quantity and approximate rate of unloading time required. He should also make accurate computations of the quantities involved in each order. Finally, he should see that the producer be given information about the mix, color and type of cement desired, type of truck best suited, job telephone, whether it is "weather permitting" or "rain or shine" placement, height and width of access, the best route of travel, and the exact street address.