Each year around this time we select 4 or 5 people who have had the most influence on the concrete industry over the previous year. A year ago we selected Keith Wayne, Alise Martiny, Rolf Spahr, and Marc Perniconi. You can read about any of them by clicking on their name.

So here I am once again asking for your input on who had an impact on our business in 2015. To choose our most influential selections, we start by looking at the issues that were uppermost in most people’s minds during the year. For 2015 it might be the labor shortage or the growing use of wood construction for mid-rise buildings or the growing demand for extended joint floors. Then we identify a person who is significantly affecting that issue.

Who (or what issue) has been on your mind this year? Please leave a message below or call me or email me (wpalmer@hanleywood.com). You can even send me a text (773-494-4619 is my iPhone). There are people out there doing great work for the future of the concrete construction industry. Let me know who they are.