During the World of Concrete, I always try to see everything—but I never can. From the nearly 1500 manufacturers to the outdoor events to the seminars, there’s only so much time and shoe leather. And whether you went to the show this year or not, I would bet that you didn’t see it all either. To help with that we have assembled a review of some of what went on at WOC 2015.

During the show we shot video of many of the events and held interviews with prominent industry leaders. You can learn more about what OSHA is planning for this year from OSHA training director Jim Rogers; learn about changes to the fly ash regulations from the American Coal Ash Association’s Tom Adams; and make a visit to the Artistry in Decorative Concrete demonstrations. We also review the winners of the Most Innovative Products contest to reveal the coolest new products at the show.

There’s much more to see in the WOC Daily News Post-Show Review. We are already deep into planning for 2016, so check it out and let me know if there’s something you would like to see next year.