Eric Van Duyne, 40, has joined CTLGroup as a Senior Engineer.

Mr. Van Duyne has extensive experience designing precast, pre-stressed concrete elements for a variety of structures. He will work with CTLGroup’s multi-disciplinary experts on a range of complex projects, including the development of repair designs for distressed parking structures.

Mr. Van Duyne has over 15 years of experience in structural engineering, specializing in condition assessment, repair retrofit design, finite element modeling and construction observations for engineering projects. His project experience includes field investigation of existing buildings, structural analysis of building elements and systems, dynamic analysis of structures, development of load tests for existing structures, litigation support and use of nondestructive testing techniques for structural evaluation.

Prior to joining CTLGroup, Mr. Van Duyne worked on residential and commercial foundation designs, analyzed and designed structural systems for residential high-rise buildings, designed structural retrofits for tenant build-outs of high-rise buildings, and designed structural retrofit framing and connections. He has performed investigations for structures such as: Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois; NASA Launch Control Center Building, Kennedy Space Center, Florida; and Dupage County Airport, St. Charles, Illinois, among others.

Mr. Van Duyne earned an M.S. and B.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois. He is an Associate Member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 437, Strength Evaluation of Existing Structures, and a Member of Committee 550, Precast Concrete Structures.

“We are pleased to welcome Eric to the Structural Engineering & Mechanics team at CTLGroup,” said Jeffrey L. Garrett, Ph.D., S.E., President & CEO of CTLGroup. “His depth of experience and diverse range of structural engineering expertise will enhance the value we bring to clients when tackling complex structural challenges.”