The “FMI/CMAA 10th Annual Survey of Owners” portrays a construction owner community responding to changing economic conditions by looking to service providers for more comprehensive support across the entire building lifecycle.

Among the key findings is an increasing reliance on outsourcing across all project phases but particularly in later stages. “Program activation/commissioning and operations and maintenance (O&M) demonstrate a 60% and 30% acceleration in outsource use respectively,” the survey report states. FMI views the increasing use of tools, such as lean practices, BIM, and IPD, as ways to facilitate the outsourcing of construction and O&M activity.

According to the report, owners are outsourcing more work, and more kinds of work, and they expect this trend to continue. In particular, owners are seeking outside support for program activation and ongoing operations and maintenance activities, but the increase in outsourcing will embrace all phases, beginning in predesign.

Between 2009 and 2014, owners expect to attach significantly more importance to the following areas:

  • Selecting the most effective project delivery system
  • Maintenance management support in both process and technologies
  • Proactive strategies to avoid claims and disputes
  • Development and use of a construction management plan
  • Effective documentation and processes designed to support facility commissioning or turnover

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