Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software, announced the appointment of Eric Newton as the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Newton will oversee the company’s strategic sales and marketing initiatives and will focus on continuing the significant growth of Spectrum as the leading-edge construction management software among the construction vertical markets.

Newton has a strong background in construction technology. He previously served as the Senior Vice President of Vertical Markets for Comdata, Inc., a provider of integrated financial solutions. Newton created a new vertical market in construction for Comdata, beginning in January 2007, and grew that side of the business to more than 1,000 clients and more than $35 million in revenue.

Newton began his career in public accounting, joining the firm of Saltmarsh, Cleaveland and Gund, where he was responsible for auditing construction companies. Four years later, he went to work for one of his clients, International Utility Supply Corporation, as its Controller. In 1991, he briefly served as a consultant for the CPA firm Hicks, Rowell and Johnson before returning to the construction industry and joining the heavy highway contractor Edward M. Chadbourne, Inc., where he served as the company’s Secretary, Treasurer and CFO. In 1998, Newton moved to the technology side, being named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cheetah Advanced Technologies, Inc. In 2004, he joined the firm of Davidson, Golden and Lundy, CPAs as Senior Manager and Director of Construction Accounting Systems. In late-2005, Newton returned to the software business as Sales Manager for Explorer Software, where he spent a year before moving to Comdata.

Newton developed a strong relationship with Dexter + Chaney over the years, most recently with Comdata, which has a technology partnership with Dexter + Chaney. “I have known Dexter + Chaney for years, back to my days with Cheetah,” Newton said. “I have always had a lot of respect for [Dexter + Chaney co-founder and CEO] John Chaney, the company culture and the strong technology products they brought—and continue to bring—to the market.”

“Dexter + Chaney has a great product in its web-based Spectrum software. It is a powerful solution with strong features and industry-leading technology backing it. Yet, it’s easy to use for the client and lets them view and work with business data in ways that are relevant to them,” Newton said. “My passion for work is being with a company that values its customers and works with them to help improve their business processes and bottom lines. Dexter + Chaney does just that, and has always had a commitment to continuing software development. It’s a good indicator of why the company is growing at the pace it is.”

Chaney said Newton is a perfect fit to lead the sales and marketing efforts.

“Eric is an energetic leader with great ideas, and he knows how to build winning teams.” Chaney said. “He really knows this industry, knows technology and knows what it takes to grow a company. We’re happy to have him on board.”

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