Over the next year we will be developing an entirely new way for you to access product information online. In our digital world, the traditional print Buyer’s Guide is an anachronism but the demand has remained, both from our readers and advertisers, and so we’ve continued to compile and publish it—and will for a few more years. But today we all know how much more accessible and usable information can be online and with the oncoming flood of tablets and smart phones, digital is what you are going to want—whether you know it or not. The Buyer’s Guide you are holding is available online in a PDF format; the new version will be much more searchable and provide lots more information.

Industry Revival

We keep seeing little signs of a recovery in the construction industry and that was confirmed at the Portland Cement Association’s spring meeting in April where chief economist Ed Sullivan revised upward his prediction of cement consumption to “3.7% increase in 2012 … followed by a 7.6% jump in 2013 and a 14.1% increase in 2014.” Although cement consumption isn’t exactly construction, the two are intertwined so closely that, if true, this portends good news for concrete construction and PCA affirms this with the statement that “all sectors of construction are expected to be positive during 2014–2015.”

Online Resources

If you haven’t visited www.concreteconstruction.net recently, you may not know what all’s available there for free. Under the News tab, you can drop down to Associations for a list of all of the associations in the concrete industry, including local groups. There are a few hundred of these and we provide a little information about the group’s mission and how to get in touch. Also under the News tab, check out our Events calendar with dates, places, and a description of upcoming industry events. Let us know if there’s anything we should add to or change in either of these resources.