I was sorry to read in the December issue that the “Hime & Erlin on Concrete” column will be their last. I also felt guilty when the authors pointed out their disappointment with the lack of reader participation. I eagerly read and enjoyed each of their articles and appreciated the effort they put into them. I should have written and said that at the time, rather than waiting until now. Bill and Bernie are true icons of the concrete industry, and I for one will miss their monthly columns.

Ken Bondy
Consulting Engineer
West Hills, Calif.

I was disappointed to see that “Erlin and Hime on Concrete” had been discontinued. I really enjoyed these great articles and hope you can convince these legends of the concrete industry to continue to write columns for Concrete Construction.

John Hickel
Ash Grove Cement
Overland Park, Kan.

Editor’s note: As a result of the response we received to discontinuation of “Erlin & Hime on Concrete,” we have asked them to continue their column in occasional issues, and they have agreed. We expect to run the next column in the March issue.