The material requirements for forming columns footings is simple. If 2 inch material is used, figure 2 board feet of lumber per square foot for the 2 inch plank. Then figure one-half board foot of lumber for the stakes and bracing. So figure 2 and one-half board feet of lumber per square foot of form. When figuring lumber, use a straight 12 cents per board foot for all material. Two and one-half times the 12 cents a board foot would total 30 cents per square foot of form if the form was used only once. When figuring form usage for column footings and wall footings, figure on five uses of the material. To determine the cost per square foot, divide 5 uses into 30 cents per square foot. The answer, of course, is 6 cents per square foot of form for material cost. This applies whether the lumber is to be used up on one job or six separate jobs. The erection labor output on column footing will vary from 120 to 200 square feet per day depending upon the size of the footings. The material requirements for wall footings are developed the same as for column footings. In other words, figure on 6 cents per square foot of contact area. For erection, figure 350 square feet per day. For stripping and cleaning, figure 600 square feet per day. You should also list 2 by 4 keys under wall footing forms. The 2 by 4 material is worth 8 cents per lineal foot and since it is scrap material when dug out of the footing, figure on only one use. The labor of installing and removing the 2 by 4 keys should by figured at 500 lineal feet per day. On piers below grade, figure regular lumber for forms- 1 by 6 or 1 by 8- because they are not going to be exposed. The material, then, works out to be 2 and one-half board feet of lumber. Two and one-half board feet at 12 cents per board foot would figure out to be 30 cents divided by three uses or 10 cents for material plus 2 cents each use for nails and ties or 12 cents per square foot of forms. The cost of forming exterior beams is considerably greater than it is for forming interior beams. When estimating exterior beams, figure 1 square foot of plywood per square foot of beams. The cost then would run 24 cents per square foot for the plywood. The forming and bracing lumber is 2 board feet per square foot or, again, 24 cents. The adjustable shore rental is worth 4 cents per square foot of forms. On interior beams, figure that a man can make and erect these the first time at a rate of 90 square feet per day.