For many years we have published a Buyer’s Guide with hundreds of product categories and thousands of companies listed. At one time it was almost as big as a Sears catalog (for those of you old enough to remember a Sears catalog). I have felt for the last several years, though, that this format was losing its usefulness when much of the information was available with a simple web search.

This year’s Buyer’s Guide represents a significant change from previous years. Recognizing that concrete contractors need more than just a simple list of manufacturers of a specific product, we decided to focus on only those categories that seem most relevant to your needs and then to give you a bit more information.

For example, if you check out saws on page 46 in the 2015 Buyer’s Guide, you’ll see that we have indicated what type of saw each manufacturer supplies (handheld, walk-behind, etc.) and then have provided a list of recent or classic CC articles on the topic and conclude the section with some recent related entries into the Most Innovative Products contest.

Let me know if you find this more useful and what we can do to make it better next year.