Royal Concrete Concepts (RCC), a manufacturer of pre-engineered concrete building systems, is adding eight dorm rooms totaling 5,000 square feet to Fire Station #32 in Hobe Sound, Fla.

The concrete units were delivered on July 16 and completion of the work is expected to take three to four weeks, several months less than typical construction. The fire station remains fully functional as work progresses.

"It takes just one day to set the units up because they arrive on site from our Okeechobee manufacturing plant 95 percent complete," said Jeff Wisinski, the company's head of business development.

Energy efficient, the modular units have been known to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Engineered with concrete, polystyrene and reinforced steel, they can withstand even the mightiest of Florida winds.

"These dorms will provide a safe haven for us from hurricanes at the station, which is almost 35 years old. The units seem very well built and will do the job more than adequately," Martin County Fire Rescue District Chief Cliff Appe said.

The eight dorm units arrived fully compatible with the fire station's telephone, communication, emergency and other systems. The project includes adding two bathrooms because facilities don't currently exist for the firefighters to shower.

Wisinski pointed out RCC buildings' lower overall cost of ownership. "When you factor in their life span, durability and energy efficiency, they are much cheaper over the long haul."