April 14 is Contractors' Day at ACI's Concrete Convention & Exposition in Kansas City, Mo., featuring a packed schedule of education and networking.

A morning ACI Flatwork Finishers Certification Review Session is scheduled in both English and Spanish, for those preparing for the written examination. Exams will follow for a reduced price, which includes the workbook.

Additionally, there's a full panel of speakers including Kevin MacDonald, principal, Beton Consulting Engineers; Luke Sell, senior materials engineer; Jereme Montgomery, executive director, Nebraska Concrete & Aggregates Association; and Mark Luther, senior technical service engineer, Holcim. Lunch will feature Jeff Coleman, The Coleman Law Firm, speaking on  "When is a crack actually a defect in concrete."

Concrete Cares, raising awareness for the fight against cancer,  will also be an integral part of the day, with pink trucks on display, as well as concrete coasters and art work.

"This contractors day is much different since we hope to accomplish several things," said Mike Murray, Mike Murray Concrete Solutions Inc., in an email. "(1) Of course we will provide education for concrete contractors and will try to reach smaller contractors–many in rural areas may not fully understand things such as curing or plastic shrinkage cracking; (2) Help bridge a gap between suppliers and contractors to place, finish, and cure concrete, while providing information on subgrade, formwork , finishing methods, and why we test concrete; (3) Raise awareness of cancer by use of concrete; (4) Using student and ACI local chapters to get involved in community efforts which involve concrete."

For more information and to attend Contractors' Day, complete this registration form.