Grace Construction Products and Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, Fl. ("EMS") today announced a distribution agreement for four EMS products, EMS Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax®, Barracuda Concrete Stripper®, Barracuda 10k® and Fusion®. This agreement names Grace as the largest North American distributor of this EMS line of products specially formulated to clean ready-mix trucks.

"Grace Construction Products has a continued commitment to providing quality, highperformance products for the concrete industry and our agreement with EMS allows us to further improve our offering by supplying products that contribute to site safety and add value to our customers," said Craig Merrill, Vice President and General Manager, Grace Construction Products.

Through this agreement, Grace becomes the exclusive distributor of EMS vehicle washes in North America's largest markets, including New England, the Gulf Region, the Southeast, California and the Southwest, and the Northern Plain States region from Idaho to Illinois. Grace also has rights to sell EMS vehicle washes in New York, Texas and select midwestern markets.

"EMS is proud to have Grace become our largest distributor for construction products in North America," said Tim Otto, Vice President of Sales at EMS. "These 100% biodegradable EMS products are based on non-irritating, non-mutagenic formulas that help to protect the environment and the health of the persons applying the product. While there are many who know about EMS products through our OEM approvals, EPA partnerships and government certifications, Grace's unmatched access to the market will introduce hundreds of new customers to EMS' unique technologies."